Links to web sites, poetry, songs, books, and youtube videos on self-harm

Novels about self injury


Blade silver

by Melody Carlson


Bloodletting: A memoir of secrets, self harm and survival 

by Victoria Letham



by Patricia McCormick


Crying scarlet tears: My journey through self harm

by Sophie Scott


Cutters don't cry

by Chritine Dzidrums


Get well soon

by Julie Halpern


Hurt yourself less workbook


Lady Injury

by Melissa C. Water  (Idranktheseawater)


Scarred: How one girl triumphed over shocking abuse and self harm

by Sophie Andrews



by Cheryl Rainfield


Scars that wound, scars that heal: A journey out of self injury

by Jan Kern


Secret Scars

by Abigail Robson


Skin Game : A memoir

by Caroline Kettlewell


Stranger in my skin

by Alysa Philips



by Julia Hoban





Self help books about self injury

A bright red scream: Self mutilation and the language of pain

by Marilee Strong


Bleeding to ease the pain: Cutting, self injury, and the adolescent search for self

by Lori G. Plante


Bodies under siege: Self mutilation, non-suicidal self injury and body modification in culture and psychiatry

by Armando R. Favazza


Bodily harm: The breakthrough healing program for self injurers

by Karen Conterio, Wendy Lader and Jennifer Kingson Bloom


Cut: Mercy for self harm

by  Nancy Alcorn


Cutting: Understanding and overcoming self mutilation

by Steven Levenkron


Freedom from self harm: Overcoming self injury with skills of DBT and other treatments

by Alexander Chapman and Barent Walsh


Healing the hurt within: Understanding self injury and self harm, and heal the emotional wounds

by Jan Sutton


Helping teens who cut: Understanding and ending self injury

by Micheal Hollander


Inside a cutter's mind: Understanding and helping those who self injure

by Jerusha Clark and Earl R. Henslin


Secret scars: Uncovering and understanding the addiction of self injury

by V.J. Turner


See my pain: Creative strategies and activities for helping young people who self injure

by Susan Bowman and Kaye Randal


Self injury: When pain feels good

by Edward T, Welch


Stopping the pain: A workbook for teens who cut & self injure

by Lawrence E, Shapiro


The scarred soul: Understanding and ending self inflicted violence

by Tracy Alderman 


The tender cut: Inside the hidden world of self injury

by Patricia Adler and Peter Adler


Treating self injury: A practical guide

by  Barent W, Walsh


Understanding self injury: A workbook for adults

by Robin Connors and Kristy Trautmann


When your child is cutting: A parents guide to helping children overcome self injury

by McVey-Noble, Sony Ph,D Khemlani-Patel, and Fugen Neziroglu