Links to web sites, poetry, songs, books, and youtube videos on self-harm

Youtube Channels And Movies

The youtube channels and movies mentioned have a main theme based on self injury and even eating disorders

Depression and Trichotillomania

About Borderline Personality disorder

Channel about depression and anxiety

Movies about or referencing Self-Harm

- Thirteen

- The Secretary

- Painful secrets

- In My Skin

- Black Swan 

- 28 Days

- To Write Love On Her Arms

- Girl Interupted

- It's kind of a funny story

Eating disorder movies

 - Sharing the secret

 - Hunger Point

 - Kate's secret

 - Perfect body 

 - A secret between friends 

 - Secret life of Mary Margaret : Portrait of a bulimic 

 - The Karen Carpenter story 

 - For the Love of Nancy

 - When friendship kills

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Videos with graphic photos of self injury will not be accepted